Sagarika Kumari

Kolkata, WB, India
Freelance / Casual

Being a social media addict, I browse through many things on such sites. I have so many online friends who I chit-chat on a regular basis. I try to learn unique things by spending unique time with them as well.

I accept new friend requests very cautiously because I am too much concerned with their authenticity. My approach to life is simple and I just want to enjoy it as much as I can.

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Social media gives me joy and I also upload my new photos and special status on them. I keep on doing it on a regular basis and showcase my life to my online friends. I’m living in a technical world and I use technology a lot to remain in the fast-moving world.

Learning new things in different ways is simply awesome. It has helped me a lot to rejoice in my mood and enrich unique experiences.

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Sagarika K.
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