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(1) Job Description - To contact possible students wanting to learn Mandarin, offer to take a FREE trial and have them subscribe to our plans.

(2) Responsibilities - be on time, meet the set targets, utilize tools provided, respect for team members and be comfortable with the job.

(3) Salary Structure (Salary A + Salary B + Salary C) (Appx 1) Salary A is calculated by the paid Study plan. Salary B is calculated by the number of FTs. Salary C is calculated by the performance after training.

(4) Work schedule, Salary and Incentives:

  1. A week training and nesting will be provided (4 hours/day). During training (6 days), SP will receive training allowance of $20 (Salary C), SR achieves more than 10 FTs in the first month which means the training is effective for the new colleague and The Company.
  2. One day off per week. Saturday or Sunday is available.
  3. There will be a scheduled shift. 4 hours/day. We will have 2 shifts within the day. 3PM-7PM~ 6PM-10PM. Is is flexible but need to fix with leader first.
  4. SP should be able to book 1 effective FT per day. 1 FT= $1. If not met in a day, it should accumulate the following day and so on. The Company will pay for SP in an average for the obligation every month. (PS. Effective = conducted by real potential student)
  5. For every student that signs up for a PAID PLAN, SP will first get 18% of the plan the student subscribed to, then increases to 20% for the 2nd PAID PLAN and 22% for the 3rd. Succeeding PAID students per month after the 3rd will stay at 22% incentive.

This incentive is recurring as long as the student is signed up for the said plan, you will continuously get 20% incentive out of it each month.

e.g. 1 Student signed up for $89/month plan, SP will get $17.80 as incentive. If he/she is still subscribed to the said plan on the following month, you will again receive the same incentive and so on.

Step 1 Chat with Raymond, founder & CEO of Putonghua = Standard Chinese language

Step 2 Chat and confirm a training with Bianne, Head of Sales of

Step 3 Get offer and start.

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