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Online Spanish / English Freelance data entry, web research and customer support service

Dear Client, I'm an honest, trustworthy and efficient freelancer. My objective is to offer you a high quality job. I can speak and write and read English and Spanish (Bilingual). I'm detail oriented, fast learner and professional. I carefully follow instructions and love to do new things because that keep me focused. I'm not afraid of doing repetitive task. I’m an furniture designer, I know about carpentry, measurement, etc.

I have good skills in:

  • Magento Product Listing ....... (I listed 300+ items for:
  • Shopware Product listing. *Bulk image download with cvs
  • Web Research ..... (I have collected over 10000 contact info: Name, address, website, email, etc. without using any software)
  • Data entry
  • English - Spanish Translator ..... (Translation for eBooks, products descriptions and others)
  • Customer Service Representative ...... (7+ years experiences as CSR)
  • Email handling

Other Skills:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Ebay Listing
  • Dropshipping
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