I am a Forensic Psychologist, Market Research and Data Analyst

My name is Toluwani and I have participated in several professional market research, workshop and courses in Nigeria and oversees. I have worked in a consultancy project for Timoyab Nig. Ltd, Ebanco group, Pfizer, Field Global, TradenothecUSA, Streetbees UK and many more. I am confident when comes to Nigeria and Africa market research analysis and decision making and developing a positive working relationship with client. I am seeking to combine academic and working experience in a challenging roles. My expertise includes; Ability to synthesize, analysis and strategy making. Ability to make financial and business decisions, taking into account the current economic situation. Ability to work with the sources of data, methods and techniques of scientific research and the computer tools used in marketing. Capacity to integrate and apply new trends in marketing and market research in a profitable, effective way in the company and others organizations. Knowledge forming the basis of original thinking in the development and/or application of idea. Capacity to integrate knowledge and tackle the complexity of formulating judgements based on incomplete or limited information, taking due consideration of the social and ethical responsibilities involved in applying knowledge and making judgements. Capacity to communicate knowledge and conclusions and the grounds on which they have been reached to specialist and non-specialist audiences in a clear and unambiguous manner. An understanding of the ethical and moral values that prevail in the market and that are directly related to commercial activity and the social responsibility of the company. Hire me to get the perfect result, accuracy speed and timely delivery of work.

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