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I like to be considered for your writing position/web-content management as SEO Expert/writer I am a strategic writer, SEO Expert and researcher with a strong background developing online Content, including blog post, social media posts, articles, copy writings, press releases, eBooks, business Proposal and other branded copy. I can creatively turn a phrase in a way that represents your brand and appeals to your target audience and appeals to your target audience whether you need a formal, serious tone or more playful one. I can make the transition with ease WRITING SEO JOB PROPOSAL /interest in your offerings and winning. I have writing in my blood. I started writing at a tender age of 9years in the junior school. I graduated in Journalism and Professional writing. With a post graduate studies in Marketing ,Graphics and Communications up-to PhD. For over 25years, I have worked in marketing as a media executive and so accustomed to working with All sorts of products, services and in a variety of industries. In fact, I have deeper passion for research and guarantee that all my writings is 100% original. Here is a sampling of the articles and press release I have written: I highly value professionalism and hold myself strictly accountable to represent my clients brand. I aim to form a long-term working relationship. I charge $275.00 for 400-600 words article, but if You are interested in a larger volume of work each month; I can offer a lower rate. At present ,am a member of the writing team for in US, ,International Association of Professional Writers and Editors[ IAPWE],Senior Reviewer with[Bigfame2014] Top Endorsed/Talented freelancer Award with[pph] Please ,let me know what else is needed to secure this bid! Thank you for your consideration. Dr.Smart Oyejide

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