Karina Tanos

Co-workers have characterised her as a diligent professional known for creative flair in communication. But who really is she and why should you care?

After a decade’s worth of experience, Karina specialises in editing, copywriting, marketing. and strategising. Her proficiency in these areas are robust and her sharp skills have navigated across online content management, email content and design, and print and digital publications. A complex task at hand doesn't cloud her focus on engaging her audience.

She established her skills in her role as editorial assistant, but also as editor for both print and online publications. What’s more, she has written under strict brand guidelines and in line with a specific editing style.

The eagle-eyed vigilance many have recognized in her has been put to good use to guarantee flawless editorial quality before going live. This came with a great deal of personal responsibility, but certainly nothing beyond her abilities.

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