Applify Tech

Typical budget: $3,000 and under
Located in Chandigarh, Chandiga, IN

We are a creative design studio based in India. Our studio is the place where pixel perfect and Intuitive designed mobile apps & games come to life. We are comprised of experienced strategists, creatives, technologists, designers and storytellers. Together we form a passionate collective, dedicated to creating the most meaningful and effective Mobile Apps.


1). Great mobile app design lies at the heart of great user experiences that keeps people coming back. It’s that simple! At Applify, we believe that superior applications are by nature simple, yet elegant and functional. We start by understanding that we are designing for a small screen and begin anew each time—we don’t just graft your website experience onto a mobile app. Users know the difference.

2).You will be delivered incremental builds every 2 weeks of your project, along with release notes and known issues, if any. This way you can see the evolution of the project and experience much early, what is coming along and thus be able to provide your feedback, rather than have surprises or mismatched expectations towards the end.

3). Unlike most outsourcing companies, our communication level gives clients ability to shift focus on marketing instead of process control. There is nothing corporate about our culture what made us able to be organic part of zero-to-millions growing projects.

4). We take Pride in building relationships with our Partners /clients abroad even if it takes for us to travel thousand miles and meet them in person, going old school with meeting face to face and eliminating the communication barriers whatsoever.

5). FREE 6 months post-delivery support

6). FREE Submission assistance

7) On-Request Marketing Assistance

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